4×4 SUV, all terrain & off-Road Tyres

4×4 SUV, all terrain & off-Road Tyres

4×4 tyres are mostly used in vehicles such as SUVs, or sports utility vehicles and other all-terrain vehicles and mini trucks such as pick-ups. The use of SUVs in Ghana has increased dramatically in recent years as a result of use of these vehicles for business, utility and domestic or pleasure. 4×4 or jeep tyres have been specially designed for vehicles intended for more challenging terrain and uneven road surfaces, aside the use of all season tyres in the range.

Looking 4×4 tyres in different sizes and types, we stock off road and on road utility vehicle tyres from trusted brands and fitted in our fitting centres in Accra, Tema, Wa, Bolgatanga, Cape-Coast, Takoradi, Kumasi, Ho, Akosombo, Dodowa, Shai Hills , East Legon, Prampram, Aflao, Sumanya and many other smaller towns and cities in Ghana,

Search 4×4 tyres for Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land Cruiser V8, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger or Land Rover SUV series such as Range Rover tyres, Discovery tyres, Mercedes Benz Jeep tyres and Chevrolet or VW Toureg tyres. At Shai Cars Auto tyres fitting centre we retail mostly Brands such as Michellin, Pirelli, Dunlop, Riken, Continental, Hankook, GoodYear, Brridgstone, Yokohama tyres, Matador and many more, it means you get value tyres at right bottom prices for all your 4×4 vehicles in Ghana. We supply to businesses in the haulage, fleet, governmental institutions, public sector organizations and private companies in manufacturing, banking and mining.

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 Why Use 4×4 Tyres

  • Using 4×4 tyres on your SUV has advantages such superior traction in extreme weather conditions, the tyres are designed for off-road and are adaptable to different terrains like soft ground and provide grips on steep inclines where standard tyres are not suitable for use on these roads.
  • Made to hold increased Loads- the total body weight of a 4×4 vehicles are much heavier than normal standard saloon cars, typically 4×4 tyres feature a higher load index than conventional tyres, as a result a rigid sidewall construction of these tyres can safely handle heavy loads with ease, ideal for transporting bulky goods and many passenger numbers, such as families and works men.
  • 4×4 tyres specifically designed for 4×4 vehicles- these 4×4 vehicle have two differentials it means the torgue or the moving power from the vehicle axles are distributed to all four wheels rather than just two on a front or rear wheel drive vehicle. This demands that the tyres fitted to a 4×4 vehicle must be adaptable to the mechanical requirement for it propulsion, offer grip and other terrain use capabilities and to prevent rapid wear and tear.
  • 4×4 tyres have tread pattern that are widely spaced than conventional car tyres, aside the features such as larger block and deeper tyre grooves, these allows the off road tyres to efficiently drive well in muddy and grass surfaced roads, these 4×4 tyres works better on mud and grass road surfaces to prevent wheel spins.

Which 4×4 Tyres  Are Recommended For Your Vehicle

The type of 4×4 tyres recommended by your local garage or car dealer depends on the use of your vehicle. if the vehicle is used mostly for on road such as motorways, then 4×4 On Road Tyres will be a recommended tyres type as it provides greater benefits. These tyres feature more like standard road tyres, but a tread pattern which is adaptable to occasional off-road use. They provide a smooth, quiet ride and improved fuel efficiency over more rugged off road tyres.

Off Road Tyres– when your 4×4 vehicle is used mostly on off road surfaces, these off road tyres will provide the best grip and handling on most extreme terrains, but are not intended for road usage, as the use on regular road will be noisy, wear faster than normal tyres, increased fuel consumption due to increased rolling resistance. They are made to adapt to steep inclines,that is if your location is within the mining areas of Tarkwa, Obuasi, Prestia, Bogoso in the Western regions of Ghana to very rural areas of the country where roads are very muddy during the rainy season. These off road tyres are ideal for recreational use, on agricultural and utility vehicles where these vehicles are unlikely to be used on public roads.

All Terrain Tyres

All terrain tyres is a trade-off between on road and off road, with a tyre tread pattern more suited to regular off-road usage which are able to handle well on tough road conditions like muddy and hilly terrain but designed to be used on roads without excessive wear and fuel consumption, these tyres are more suited for the 4×4 owner who what a balance between the set of different 4×4 tyres. All terrain tyres can be fitted to farmer owner vehicle such as a Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Isuzu, Chevrolet pick ups and many other utility vehicles.

Need to Change Your 4×4 Tyres?

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