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Buyers meet vehicle sellers at Shai Cars market mostly weekends and negotiate with thousands of car sellers from across the region.

  • Gate opens from 9am for buyers
  • Hundreds of privately owned cars for sale
  • No Commission Charged.
  • Pre-Purchase inspection mechanics available on site.
  • Change of ownership papers.
  • Buyers view vehicles and negotiate directly with the sellers (no commission charged).
  • All conditions, transactions, terms of purchase, Motor Test Certificates, MOT’S and Registrations are between the BUYERS and SELLERS.

Buy Second Hand Cars in Ghana


  • Check on the usual, vehicle conditions, engine, bodywork’s and more.
  • Check oil, brake fluid, inside and outside and check any mechanical defeats.
  • Inspect the vehicle registration documents, Motor Test Certificates and more.
  • Decide on what type of vehicle to purchase i.e fuel type, body style, comfort and use to which to put the vehicle.
  • Negotiate, discuss with the seller on price based on what you see.
  • Have a price in mind, how much you would like to spend and more.
  • Check with your bankers how much car loans they can offer you and work your negotiations around the budget.
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