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If you have having problems getting a valuation for your car, why not call Shai Cars and speak to one of our advisers today on 0243 884380 or email at

About Your Vehicle Valuation

After completing the valuation report, note that the price provided will be subject to onsite inspection from our advisors. The price we offer onsite may differ from the online valuation if we consider your car’s value is affected by any adverse conditions or historical facts about the car you wish to sell to Shai
Cars or if solicited from a dealer.

Here are some of the assumptions Shai Cars made about your vehicle.

  • It has no damage, including interior or mechanical damages
  • It is not a non -runner
  • It has 6 months or less Road Worthy Certificate/MOT Test Certificate left
  • It has not ever been subject to insurance write off
  • It has not been accident damaged
  • It has 2 or 3 set of keys
  • When you obtain a valuation, you agree to Shai Cars Terms & Conditions, Privacy & Cookies Policy and Data & Communication Policy, which includes marketing communications regarding your vehicle.

Our Price Guarantee

We guarantee that we are willing to assist you sell your car or buy your car we value. We guarantee your valuation for 7 days. We will carry out an on-site inspection of your car before we offer to buy it or sell it on your behalf. You’ll see your valuation on the next page. We’ll also send it to you in an email and save it for you. A transaction fee may be payable if you choose Shai Cars to act on your behalf or a commission paid for selling your vehicle.

Is there a Fee to Sell My Car to Shai Cars?

Shai Cars will not charge any transaction fee if you choose not to sell your car to us. However, if you decide to sell your car to us, then a transaction fee may apply at the point of sale. The amount we charge for each transaction depends on the final price for which you sell your car to us.

  • Shai Cars will not charge any Transactions fee for cars valued below 500 Gh Cedis (subject to minimum valuation of 300 Gh Cedis.
  • A transaction fee of 100 Gh Cedis is applicable for vehicles valued at 500 to 25,000 Gh Cedis
  • A transaction fee of 200 Gh Cedis is applicable for vehicles valued at 25,000.99 to 30,000 Gh Cedis
  • Where the price is 31,000 or more, the transaction fee is 200 Gh Cedis
    Note: This transaction fee is subject to change based on administration costs and market conditions

How Soon Can I Get Paid?

  1. 5 Working Days …….FREE
  2. I would like to be paid next working day………100 Gh Cedis Charg
  3. I want to get paid straight away……..200 Gh Cedis Charge

Payment Terms & Conditions

Our payment will be made by Faster Payment to your account, at the point you agree to sell your vehicle to us. The faster payment depends on how quickly Shai Cars can process the documents of your vehicle. This payment will leave Shai Cars account immediately, please be aware that it may take your bank up to 2 hours to clear Faster Payments.
To qualify for this payment, you must be the registered keeper and have all required documentation to complete the sale.
Shai Cars may not be able to offer Premier Payment where further validation checks may be required. Examples include;

  • You are settling finance (or where your finance company still has a registered financial interest)
  • You are selling a vehicle on behalf of someone else, or for a business
  • If you have owned the vehicle for a short period and Shai Cars require documents to confirm your ownership.
  • We cannot access the vehicle records from the DVLA, and checks from the police on any vehicle brought to us.

If you wish to find out more about this part of our service, please contact our Customer Service team at

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