Conditions of Entry for Sellers

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Entry Requirements

On arrival on site, we will conduct a simple Vehicle Inspection. This is a way for the Shai Car Market to guarantee the quality of vehicles brought to site, then a Vehicle Inspection Ticket will be put on the windscreens of the vehicles.

ENTRY FEES: All vehicle sellers pay an entry fee depending on the size or category of vehicle brought on the car market. The entry fees are for security reasons and use of facilities such as toilets and more.


The Shai car market opens usually at the weekends Saturdays and Sundays from 6am to 5pm.

The car market office closes at 5pm Mon – Sat and 3pm Sun, at 4.30pm you will be asked to pack up for the night. By 5pm all vehicles must be locked up, windows and doors closed. All tables, chairs, surfboards and signage must be placed inside the vehicle and owners of the vehicles should leave the car park.

The car market accepts no responsibility for damage or loss to vehicles or vehicle contents at any time whilst in the car market.


  • Please do not congregate near the entrance to the Car Park.
  • If you must smoke, then there is a park outside the car park entrance.
  • Strictly NO alcohol is to be consumed in the car park.
  • No cooking or food preparation with a BBQ or gas cooker is permitted in the car park.
  • No graffiti is permitted.
  • No washing of cars is permitted in the car park except at the authorised car wash provided at the Shai Car Market.
  • Please take all rubbish with you, and dispose in bins at the exit gate.
  • Sellers are required to follow directions & instruction of the Car Market Staff at all times.
  • All vehicles must CLEARLY DISPLAY the required Car Market signs and inspection report.
  • All Sellers must have photo ID and proof of vehicle ownership.
  • Dealing of motor vehicles by unlicensed backyard dealers is illegal, any person suspected of unlicensed motor dealing will be refused entry and details forwarded to Fair Trading


We are here to help you sell your car quickly and for the best price possible. Shai Car Market is providing a one stop market for your vehicle sale, we advertise on TV, Radio and most media platforms to announce to 1000’s of car buyers and sellers. This gives you the opportunity to interact and make deals with different buyers from all over Ghana looking to buy cars, vans, mini buses and more.

You should budget to sell your car within 1-2 weeks, any longer than this and you must ask yourself some serious questions. If you sold the car on the first day for a fire-sale price and just went and got a job you would earn more money than spending 3-4 weeks in the car market trying to hold out for your best price.

Remember repair costs do not increase the value of your car, it’s worth only what someone else is willing to pay – end of story.

The more BUYERS to the car market the better your chances, so it’s in the interest of every SELLER in the Car Market to do the following:

ADVERTISING!!! – The car will not sell itself.

Advertise Your Car