Extra Load Tyres

Extra Load Tyres at Shai Cars Tyre Centre

Extra load tyres are designed for larger vehicles made to carry increased loads such as light commercial vehicles and people carriers, we stock extra load tyres for mini buses such as Toyota Hilux buses tyres to smaller goods trucks such as Kia, Mitsubishi, Ford Transit, Isuzu and Nissan trucks at any of our tyre fitting centres in Accra, Tema, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Kumasi, Ho, Tamale, Wa, Bolgatanga, and many other towns and cities in Ghana.

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Do I need Extra Load Tyres For My Vehicle?

Extra load tyres are recommended for vehicles which carry extra load in terms of passenger numbers and goods carried by your vehicle. In Ghana, most light commercial vehicles are usually over loaded by their drivers, as a result putting more pressure on the loading capacity of tyres. Again extra load tyres are able to withstand uneven and potholed roads in most rural and urban roads in Ghana.

So fitting extra load tyres has added safety and tyre lasting features than standard tyres. We source extra loading tyres from tyre manufacturing brands such as Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear tyres, Matador, Dunlop tyres, Riken, Yokohama, Continental and more. These brand tyres offer high performance, tires for your suv, 4×4 vehicles such as wrangler Jeep, Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery and Defender to Mercedes Benz, Audi Jeep, BMW 5 Series and Ford Ranger pick up tyres.

Please find below some of the benefits of fitting extra load tryes for your cars, mini buses and suvs.


    • Longer Lifespan- extra load tyres are able to make longer distances than standard ones, if your vehicle is used for longer travels it is recommend that you use extra load tyres, imagine a company’s project vehicle travelling from Accra the capital city of Ghana to Tamale or Bolgatanga, in the northern region of Ghana, you do not want tire blowout which might adversely affect your supply chain or timely business.
    • Greater Stability and Traction- extra load tyres are reinforced tyres and tend to be more rigid in its construction, which provides the benefits of stability and traction. Uneven road surfaces require that your tyres must provide handling features to support you vehicle on such bumpy roads, it is much recommended for larger vehicles.
    • Beneficial for off-Roading- extra load tyres are much suited for vehicles such us 4x4s and SUVs owners taking adventures to mountainous areas, steep inclines and rural- areas in Ghana, possibly adventure drive to waterfalls in the Volta Region, Mountain Afadjato, Lake Bosomtwe or a trip to Kakum national Park.