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Sell you car fast in Ghana with Shai Cars

Shai Cars offers the fast car selling service that will assist you in selling your vehicle while creating Value. During your vehicle or car re-marketing appointment, we will handle your vehicle sales enquiry and offer
you all the advice needed, it means you will sell your car quickly without a hassle at Shai Cars.

Sell your car in 3 simple steps

Step 1
Value your Car

Get a free valuation of your car quickly, simple supply the details of your car, example car type, year of manufacture, mileage or kilometers and one of our sales assistants will confirm the estimated price with you.

Step 2
Book Your Appointment

Book appointment with Shai Cars and a trained sales member of our staff will meet with you to discuss and physically assess your vehicle for sale and confirm the final price for sale with you there and then.

Step 3
Sell you car fast and Cash in your bank

If you accept our offer price, Shai Cars will arrange with car buyers on the market or with our customers. We will then arrange to finally meet with the necessary paperwork processed and after a payment to your bank account for the sale of the vehicle.

Shai Cars sales personals are trained to offer you the best price for the sale of your vehicle. Shai Cars has the knowledge and expertise to get you a fair valuation of your vehicle.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about selling your car to Shai Cars, please read our frequently asked questions or terms and conditions of sale.

Shai Cars also runs twice a month Car Market where car sellers and buyers meet to negotiate the sale of their cars. If you are looking to sell your car visit Shai Cars market where you will meet 1000’s of potential buyers and sellers.


Selling your car couldn’t be easier with Shai Cars, over the last few years, most vehicle owners have had about two main means of selling their vehicles, thus selling your car privately or part exchanging with a car dealer situated in most of the cities of Accra, Kumasi, Tema and other areas.

Selling your vehicle by both methods have their own setbacks, from attracting time wasters, unreasonable hours of receiving calls at night and weekends when you need a break from work and getting untrusted visitors through the doors at homes and offices. Even so, having to haggling with car salesmen who are looking to offer an unfair trade in price, whatever option you choose, it’s hard or sometimes difficult to sell your car if you do not have knowledge in cars.


So if you are thinking of selling your car privately? Selling your car down this route may well get you slightly more for your car, however, this comes at costs though, haggling with strangers, paying for adverts and waiting by the phone and time wasters. Notwithstanding, having to park your vehicle by the roadside at risks of scratches, accidents, theft, time and costs of doing moving vehicle up and down the roadside.

According to motoring or car selling, research shows that if can take on average 35 days to sell your car privately. That is 35 days of hassle and hard work for selling your car and not getting good value for your vehicle. At Shai Cars we could assist you to sell your vehicle in 3 easy steps process means that you can get a guaranteed sale-whatever make, model, age, condition in just a few easy steps.


A. VEHICLE CONDITION- Make sure the vehicle is good condition, a clean looking car from inside of the car and engine clean qualifies for easy sale, than a car which has no cosmetic clean done to it. A few moneys spent to clean the car cost you nothing but the cost is a quick sale.
B. BE REALISTIC- when selling a car your will have to be very realistic with the price at which you want to sell your car. As most car hunters or buyers will research and compare prices of cars they wish to buy in most of the cities of Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Cape Coast, and all over Ghana.
C. MOST BUYERS HAGGLE- it is usual for most car buyers to haggle on the price to buy the vehicle. They will always try to knock down on the price and take this into account when selling your resale price.

D. TEST DRIVE- most car buyers will always test drive the vehicle they wish to buy, check that potential buyers have driver’s licence, insured for the test drive and never let them go alone. Consider the risks factor for strangers getting in your car and driving away with it alone.
E. THE KEYS- Do not leave the potential buyer alone with the keys in the ignition. It is obvious for your not to do that for theft reasons.
F. BE SAFE- never meet a potential buyer of your car alone, ask someone to come with you and meet at a familiar place to you, for example, your home or popular place with shops, post office, near safe places.
G. PROOF OF IDENTITY- asks the potential buyer of your car, proof of identity, ask if it’s ok to take a picture of it with your phone and then delete it after your test drive.
H. PAYING CASH IF NECESSARY- the surest way to receive payment for your car is cash should be handed to you in a bank, so that the notes can be checked against counterfeit or forgeries and so that payment is received shortly.
CHEQUES- cheques payments are not guaranteed as
cheques could be forged or stolen, so never let a buyer take the car until the funds have cleared at your bank.
ONLINE TRANSFERS- online bank transfers, this is possibly the fastest option, however, ensure the funds are in your bank before the buyer takes the car away.

I. HAVE A PRICE IN MIND- The surest way to sell your car and get value for it is to have a selling price in mind, don’t under value your car, as buyers naturally will haggle, so have your lowest price in mind and stick to it. So if selling your car privately is a hassle, take the quickest and easy means by using Shai Cars to sell your car, Book Appointment Now.

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