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The Shai Car fair or car market is mostly held every Saturdays of the week at the premises of Shai Hills Business Park, just 2km from Afienya on the Akosombo Road on the right hand side of the road near Eastern Quarries.

As a result of traffic conditions on this stretch of the road, please be there as early enough to prevent delays, gate opens from 6 to 8am in the mornings and then closes from 5pm for car sellers.

  • Sellers just turn up on the day (no booking required), unless you have booked online or you have used mobile money booking system.
  • Gate opens from 6 am.
  • Admission fee applies for sellers (40 Ghana Cedis).
  • We supply For Sale Window Card and Consumer Information Notice.
  • No commission charged.
  • Vehicle mechanical inspection.
  • Change of ownership papers.
  • VIR (Vehicle Information Reports)
  • All conditions and terms of the purchase and payment arrangements and registration are between the BUYERS and SELLERS.

Sell your car in Ghana


  • Present a clean, well groomed vehicle, clean inside and outside of the car.
  • If necessary clean the engine of your vehicle, tighten loose ends, check oil, water and brake fluids.
  • Make sure your tyres are in good condition, many buyers would expect to drive their newly bought vehicles, so engine start and stop, if not explain faults and discuss.
  • PRICE your vehicle realistically you are not the only seller, negotiate, discuss about the vehicle condition, reliability and comfort.
  • Always try to reduce price a little bit to get a sale, if not then consider the next market day.
  • You must display a ‘’Consumer Information Notice’’
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