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SUV cars for family and business use, as now most car buyers are looking for space, good sitting and driving comfort among others when buying passenger vehicles for their family use especially.

If you are among many buyers considering an SUV then at Shai Cars dealership located in Accra, Tema area of Ghana you will be spoilt for choice, as a multi-franchise dealer with resell many different makes of SUVs, as of now many vehicle manufacturers makes at least one SUV, with a huge variety of models on offer, many SUVs comes with luxury interior features and other
specifications meeting the contemporary motorist, it does make finding the best SUV to meet your needs more difficult. 

Aside the features and modern electronic gadgets, radio, Bluetooth connectivity and internet use while on the go, all the SUVs follow similar formula when it come to style, with higher ground clearance than a normal car and rugged-looking body trim to handle well on Ghanaian roads which are uneven and pot holed sometimes. 

SUVs for the family with many adults, for travelling to the villages, towns and tourist destinations such as Lake Volta area, Ada estuary, or for historical tourism to Cape-Coast and Elimina Castles, even if you choose one from the different SUVs on the Ghanaian automobile market, it might not meet your needs as well as another model because Toyota RAV4 SUV is designed to meet different purposes. 

So top automobile manufacturers such as VW, BMW, Citroen, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Renault, Kia, Hyundai, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Mazda, and more have designed their SUVs to meet different needs and purposes for the family looking for space for at least four adults and large boots for luggage or pets. 

Most SUV car hunters make searches for premium SUVs, with either five or seven seats and might decide to choose petrol or optional diesel or hybrid for long traffic conditions in Ghanaian cities. Many families are also looking out for miini SUVs now in the range called Crossovers, they are the supermini models which underpins SUVs, but boast the raised driving position and extra flexibility that many motorist crave. 

Most Ghanaian motorists are now looking for a combination of lower running costs and more space allows these small SUVs such as the VW T-Cross, Renault Captuar, Nissan Juke, Soka Kamig, Seat Arona ;to not only appeal to viable supermini alternatives, but also as rivals to more traditional family sedan cars. 

SUV family oriented cars can be sourced from Shai Cars Dealership as per request, looking for first generation cars like Nissan Juke, Toyota RAV4, VW T-Cross, VW Tiguan, Renault Captuar which have set the benchmark for small SUVs, Shai Cars aids in the facilitation in the sale of these SUVs and Crossovers with vehicle sales among different manufacturers and car dealers in Ghana.

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