Truck Tyres

Truck tyres

Truck tyres we supply and fit come in different sizes, types and shapes; they are mainly used for fleet transportation vehicles, agricultural, mining and other industrial machinery. Tyres for Lorries, vans, buses, HGVs, are toughened and reinforced or the inner and outer walls to withstand the pressures of heavy loads these wagons or haulage trucks carry and by offering excellent traction on highway operations for your fleet related transport or business.

We stock a full range of budget truck tyres covering all sizes, tread patterns and applications at very competitive prices. Looking for tyres for buses, lorries, haulage transport trucks in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Ho, Tarkwa, Tamale, Wa, Bolgatanga and many other towns and cities in the greater Accra Region of Ghana, at Shai Cars Tyres Company we stock quality branded truck tyres  and other commercial vehicle tyres from different brands for possibly Express Same Day Fitting or Next Day Fitting. We stock truck tyre brands such as Tegrys, Fortune Tires, Trazand, Blacklion, Riken, Firestone, Hankook, Pirelli truck tyres, Bridgestone, Techking TBR tires and more.

Sure of your truck tyre size, Call 024388 4380 or Book Appointment Now for truck tires enquiry from our network of over 20 service centres across the 16 regions of Ghana.

At Shai Cars Truck Tyres Division we are led by our customers and are able to supply the brand most suited to your needs and budget. Our purchasing power and strong partnership and relationship with major international truck tyre manufacturers and suppliers around the globe means you benefit from the right product, be it premium, mdi-range, re-tread or economy tyres at great price with the peace of mind you will be getting that Shai Cars Truck Tyres Fitting Service too.

Quality Management and Control

Quality management and control is a policy adopted by Shai Cars Truck Tyre division. As one of the market leader in the supply of truck tyres for fleet management, we have put in place a quality management and control processes to check on the tyres quality we supply to our varied customers across different industrial sectors, we continuously update and improve on our product sourcing quality.  Our main quality control checks has always been on the supply of Reinforced Truck Tyres  for our customers, for we have identified that this is what our customers demand on the fact that most trucks in Ghana are heavily loaded with goods they haul from point to point.

To achieve the desired quality in the tyres we supply and fit, first we identify the market requirement of the truck tyres, by conducting in-depth market research into customer preferences, ‘tyre loading capacity, long life guarantee of the tyres we purchase and considering lastly the environmental impact of the materials used in manufacturing these tyres.

We constantly monitor the truck tyre performance against fuel efficiency from customer feedback. To be one of the market leaders in the truck tyres supply and distribution in Ghana, we strive to build lasting and collaborative partnerships with our customers and suppliers by offering excellent products and professional service on consistent basis.

Shai Cars Truck Tyres Division has creatively designed tyre management policy which can potentially deliver four major benefits for our customers in the fleet management and haulage industry in Ghana.

  • Improved health and safety
  • Ensure legality
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Significantly reduced tyre expenditure and operational costs for business.