Useful Information Before Buying A new Tyre

Useful Information Before Buying A new Tyre

Before deciding on purchasing an new tyre for your vehicle, it is necessary for you to check on some useful information before making a decision, buying the wrong tyre for your vehicle can be costly in the end or might lead to fatal accidents on wrong tyre specifications chosen by a roadside tyres fitter or vulcanizer. Check if your require Reinforced tyres or Extra Load Tyres or 4×4 tyres for your vehicle.

Shai Cars has researched the tire market and tyre specification to provide you with the necessary facts and communications on vehicle tyres sales and distribution to our customers in Ghana, with cities such as Accra, Tema, Ashaiman, Afienya, Shai Hills, Akosombo, Dodowa, Ho, Tamale, Cape Coast, Wa, Bolgatanga, Kumasi, Takoradi and many other towns and cities accros the country.

We retails and distribute branded tyres from these tyre manufactures, Brdigstone, Pirelli, Good Year, Michellin, Riken, Hankook, Yokohama, Budget, West Lake, Nexon, Matador and more for SUVs, 4x4s, saloon cars, trucks, and plant and equipment.

Please find Some useful information below.

Before changing your tyre or choosing a new tyre for your vehicle there are three main features or important information on the tyres you should consider, Tyre Size, Speed and Load Rating.


    • Tyre Size-the size of the tyre fitted on your vehicle will depend on your vehicle size, it is usually recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.
    • Speed– vehicle manufacturers specifies the maximum top speed at which your vehicle has to be driven based on the speed rating often conducted through testing. Speed rating are popularly classed as T.H and V. Rating T is 118mph, H is 130mph and V is 149mph and T can usually be found on smaller city cars, whereas H and V are more likely to be found on family cars.
    • Load Rating– the load rating tells the capacity of each tyre, for more information check your vehicle handbook to ding out the maximum load your car is made to take. Some of the vehicle load rating is stated in Kg or Tonnage, Any time your vehicle takes 11 passengers of adult, the total weight is equivalent to about 1000kg or a ton of weight. Never overload the vehicle as doing so the tyres might not be able to carry such loads and may result in tyre blowout.
    • Special Tyres– check whether your vehicle needs Reinforced tyres, Extra load tyres or 4×4 tyres depending on your vehicle use and type.
    • Run Flat Tyres- Run flat tyres are made to provide extra safety when a blowout should occur or when pressure is lost in which the tyre can travel to the nearest tyre change fitting garage. However, however, they are not reinforced tyres to carry heavy loads, so always ask your tyre fitting garage technicians.
    • Reinforced Tyres- Reinforced tyres are made to carry heavy loads or higher weight loads, as a result if loading capacity of these tyres are maintained the chances of a tyre blowout is significantly reduced.